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India is the leading diamond exporter worldwide, after the United States. The largest diamond cutting and polishing center in the world is in India. This is related to elements like the simplicity of finding highly skilled labor, advanced technology, and cheaper operating expenses. The production and processing capabilities of the diamond industry are the best which help in the making of the best diamond export company in India. India has had to fight hard to maintain its dominance over the stated position. The history of how India came to be what it is now is quite amazing.

India's Biggest Diamond Exporter

November 09, 2022

5 Minutes read

How did diamond export start in India?

When it comes to diamonds, India has the longest history in the world. Diamonds were initially discovered in India. The early discoveries instantly changed India into a market for diamond consumption, as maharajas and other royalty wore the earliest diamond jewellery pieces ever manufactured.

Since then, India has been a country known for its diamonds due to its long history of international trading. The biggest diamond market in India started off as a country that produced diamonds early on and served as a trading hub. For the past 30 years, Sanghvi & Sons has played the role of India's biggest diamond exporter and best diamond merchant in India, as well as the United States, Dubai, Belgium, and Hong Kong.

Indian diamond polishers made the decision to properly organize the diamond business in their nation in the 1960s. A group of semi-precious stone dealers, polishers, and jewellery designers turned to a brand-new gem in an effort to escape the poverty of their rural communities. The majority of these individuals were from the Indian state of Gujarat that’s the reason why diamond export from India in huge quantities.

Where are the biggest diamond exporters situated in India?

The developing industry gained new insights into how to polish larger stones and more expensive items in addition to improving knowledge of how to extract the most value from the smallest and least expensive diamonds. It quickly developed into a top diamond center by leveraging the most cutting-edge technologies available.

With time, these advancements made Surat (Gujarat) the biggest diamond manufacturing hub in the world, greatly enhancing the local economy. Local manufacturers, which at their busiest time employed about one million people, are among the biggest and most advanced in the world. The Diamond City of India, Surat is well-known for its diamond cutting and polishing. Surat is the location of 90% of all diamond-cutting and polishing operations worldwide.

Historical Background of the Diamond Industry

Brazil became a significant supplier of diamonds in the early 1700s as India's supply of gemstones started to diminish. Diamonds were discovered in the pans of gold miners as they dug through the gravel of neighboring rivers. Brazil dominated the diamond industry for more than 150 years after reaching its full potential.

The diamond market underwent its own evolution while sources altered. By the late 1700s, the old governing classes, who were the greatest buyers of diamonds, were in decline. Changes in wealth distribution were a result of political upheavals like the French Revolution. Western Europe and the US had rising wealth in the 1800s. The first significant South African diamond deposits were discovered by explorers in the late 1800s, just as the demand for diamonds was expanding.

Who is India's biggest Diamond Exporter?

We have examined the entire diamond industry. What, when, and how the Indian diamond export industry began? Where in India is the largest diamond exporter located? What is the history of diamond export from India? It's time to Understand which enterprises dominate the market as top diamond brands in India and which businesses are India's biggest diamond exporters.

There have been many groups that are leading the biggest diamond market in India in an exceptional manner. Although, Sanghvi & Sons has been leading the Diamond Industry for three decades as the premier wholesale loose diamonds online merchant. The company is today dealing as the largest exporter of diamonds in India.

We are serving as a site for buying certified loose diamonds and ensuring our services serve you as the best place to buy diamonds online. We provide a place to buy diamond jewellery online to satisfy the demand which helps you to buy real diamonds online conveniently and securely.

Sanghvi & Sons is the place to go if you want to purchase the newest loose diamond in India and have the most wonderful online diamond jewellery shopping experience.


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