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Mumbai Corporate Office
  • EC-7070, Center Core, E-Tower, Bharat Diamond Bourse, Bandra Kurla Complex,Bandra (East), Mumbai-400 051, India.
  • +91 22 4030 9999
  • +91 93263 61716
  • [email protected]
Surat Factory
  • 7/4155. Sundar Sadan, Suthar Falia, Galemandi, Surat - 395003.
  • +91 - 261 - 2420033
  • +91 - 261 - 2420055

Frequently Asked Questions

At Sanghvi & Sons, our online payment terms are simple. We deliver the goods after receiving an ADVANCE payment. You can use a bank wire transfer to our beneficiary bank account to pay. Once we receive the advance payment, we will process and deliver your order.

To ensure the authenticity of a diamond purchase online, always check if the seller provides a valid diamond certificate, such as GIA, IGI & HRD. Make sure to read customer reviews & ratings of the seller you plan to buy. Buying from trusted sources with positive feedback is essential for a confident and satisfactory buying experience.

Yes, we proudly offer worldwide delivery services to reach our customers wherever they may be

Absolutely! We believe in helping our customers make the best choice. You can visit our Mumbai office to see the diamonds and explore the options before deciding.

Our diamond inventory is thoughtfully stored in our secure and trusted facilities at Bharat Diamond Bourse, Mumbai, to ensure safety and quality.

Some diamonds can glow when they're under special light called ultraviolet light. This is called diamond fluorescence. It happens naturally and doesn't always affect how valuable the diamond is. Some people like diamonds that glow, and some people don't mind if they don't glow. It all depends on personal choice

Diamond cut refers to how a diamond's facets are proportioned and arranged. It is important because:

  • - A well-cut diamond reflects light better, making it more brilliant and sparkly
  • - The cut affects the diamond's interaction with light, giving it that beautiful shine we love.

You can determine if a diamond is genuine by following these steps:

  • - By looking at the certificate. If the certificate shows 'NATURAL DIAMOND', it means your diamond is genuine
  • - By matching the Girdle 'Inscription number' with the certificate 'report number'.

A diamond certificate is an official document issued by a gemological laboratory that provides detailed information about a diamond's 4Cs and other characteristics. A diamond certificate is important because:

  • - It assures you of the diamond's authenticity and quality
  • - It helps you make an informed decision when purchasing a diamond
  • - It proves the diamond's value and can be useful for insurance


The 4Cs of a diamond are the four main factors used to evaluate its quality and value:

  1. Cut: This C refers to how well the diamond has been shaped and faceted from its rough form.
  2. Color: Diamonds come in various shades, from colourless to light yellow or brown. The less colour a diamond has, the more valuable it is
  3. Clarity: Diamonds can have tiny imperfections called inclusions, like birthmarks. Clarity measures how clear or flawless a diamond is. The fewer inclusions, the higher the clarity grade and value
  4. Carat Weight: This is simply the weight of the diamond. Larger diamonds tend to be more valuable, but all the other factors also play a role in determining a diamond's worth. These 4Cs of a diamond help determine diamond quality and price.

You can reach us between 10am - 6pm Indian Standard Time (5.50 + GMT) Monday to Saturday.

For the wire details we request you to please contact us.

We have our dedicated professionals, who are expertise to meet your requirements.

Our database is constantly being updated with new diamonds. If you don't find just what you are looking for please contact us.

Yes we can but with proper justification and technical support.

Yes, we can hold a stone for 24 hrs (IST).

you can locate our inventory on Rapnet, Idex etc.

Yes! We deal in non certified goods as well.

We have certified diamonds from 0.30ct to 10.00 cts.

Goods are delivered on receipt of ADVANCE payment. All prices displayed are based on advance payment terms only. Advance payment should be made by bank wire transfer to our beneficiary bank account.

Shipping is covered by customer for the invoice value upto $20,000. For invoice value above $20,000, shipping is bared by us.

Yes, we deliver to most of the countries worldwide. But the custom clearance in the customer’s country is the task of the customer.

Our shipments are made through Malca Amit, Fadex, Brinks & B.V.C.

Yes, we welcome you to visit our office in Mumbai for physical inspection.

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Providing top-notch polished diamonds and round diamonds for the past 40 years with the assurance of a certified diamond. We provide a place to buy Diamond online to satisfy the demand which helps you to buy real diamond online conveniently and securely.

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