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Mumbai Corporate Office
  • EC-7070, Center Core, E-Tower, Bharat Diamond Bourse, Bandra Kurla Complex,Bandra (East), Mumbai-400 051, India.
  • +91 22 4030 9999
  • +91 93263 61716
  • [email protected]
Surat Factory
  • 7/4155. Sundar Sadan, Suthar Falia, Galemandi, Surat - 395003.
  • +91 - 261 - 2420033
  • +91 - 261 - 2420055

More Than a Diamond, a Timeless Expression

From the heart of craftsmanship to the corners of the world, our diamonds tell a story of timeless elegance.

About Us

Established in 1981, our decades of experience have accompanied us to become India’s biggest diamond exporter and diamond manufacturing company. Sanghvi & Sons has been the best diamond exporter in India based on the value of consistency, innovation & determination. The company is today dealing as the largest exporter of diamond in India and makes certain the urge of supplying the multiple kinds of shapes and lines of diamonds which helps add light to the impression.

For many years, the faith and support of our customers drove us to be one of the best diamond manufacturers & exporters even with the milestones. We have molded everything in our power to please the diamond market, yet our commitment to Style, Eminence, Assurance and Value has remained constant.

Our top-quality outcomes distinguish us throughout the whole world as a diamond export company in India & diamond import company that is also playing the role of the largest importer of diamonds in the world that impacts a powerful impression on leading light by filling in the finest diamond manufacturer in India. The raw diamonds have been customarily imported which additionally makes us a large-scale diamond importer in India.

The Tripod of Our Success

Our Mission

To flourish & continue to extend in a productive & constructive way by peaking in the diamond industry and to continually work toward improving the quality of our creations and the processes we use for achieving the attainable.

Our Services

Sanghvi & Sons has been leading the Diamond Industry for four decades as premier wholesale loose diamonds online merchant. We are serving as the best diamond manufacturer and diamond merchant in India by focusing on providing a site for buying certified loose diamonds and ensuring our services serve you as the best place to buy diamonds online.

Our Vision

As one of the leading diamond manufacturers, we strive to provide the most value to all of our stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, and employees and take great satisfaction in offering ethically produced and responsibly sourced diamonds. Our core beliefs help us to create bonds that are as strong as diamonds and that add long-term value to both our businesses and those of our clients

Timeless Treasures, at Your Fingertips: Our Diamond App Experience

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Exploring Diamond Shapes

Why People Trust Sanghvi Sons as Diamond Manufacturer and Supplier

Customer Service

Our main focus is on building customer relationships. Sales may follow.' This has always been our motto, and it is the cause of our unblemished industry reputation.

Our co-operation

When we learn something from each other, the experience shapes us.... we are each other's authors.' At SANGHVI & SONS, motivating our human resources is a frequent occurrence, simply because our people are our most valuable asset.


'Creativity is just another word for courage.' We believe that style is eternal, and are dedicated to creating an extension of this belief in each of our creations for our in-house brand Diam jewelers. Every collection is a product of in-depth research and a brainchild of our expert fashion and jewelry design guides, based in Europe and India. Our collections are as diverse as these cities and reflect a global synergy.

Our Network

The Council for Corporate Responsibility (CR)is an initiative of the National Diversity Council that is committed to local, national, and global enrichment through the promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability.

Our Value

The principles that we cherish and uphold in all interactions with our associates, clients, and family members at Sanghvi & Sons are Transparency Compassion, Commitment, and Enthusiasm. To ensure that our interactions are successful, we will always take the time to listen before acting in an open, sincere, and moral manner.