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Mumbai Corporate Office
  • EC-7070, Center Core, E-Tower, Bharat Diamond Bourse, Bandra Kurla Complex,Bandra (East), Mumbai-400 051, India.
  • +91 22 4030 9999
  • +91 93263 61716
  • [email protected]
Surat Factory
  • 7/4155. Sundar Sadan, Suthar Falia, Galemandi, Surat - 395003.
  • +91 - 261 - 2420033
  • +91 - 261 - 2420055
Our Heritage

Who perseveres conquers.' Sanghvi & Sons, a diamond merchant and diamond exporter with a three-decade history, was founded in 1981. The company is today's pioneer in providing top-quality products and services to its distinguished clients, based on the principles of innovation and tenacity. The company, which was founded by Shri Tarachand Sanghvi, Shri Mohan Sanghvi, and Shri Lalit Sanghvi, has slowly carved out a space for itself in the sector today. Shri Tarachand Sanghvi was well known amongst his clients and associates for his prescience for the future. He played a pivotal role in motivating the company to take on greater challenges and calculated business risks, ensuring a bright future and immense respect from his counterparts. Mr. Dhanesh Sanghvi and Mr. Roshan Sanghvi (partners) now own Sanghvi & Sons, which aspires to be one of the best diamond manufacturing and marketing companies in the world. This prudence and understanding of the industry are what have allowed us to reach greater heights and become a prominent diamond exporter. We don't only mean financially when we say milestones; we mean conquering the wholesale loose diamonds market, becoming India's most trusted diamond exporter, and providing wholesale diamonds for sale to our respected and renowned clients.


The Sanghvi & Sons diamond merchant is committed to provide effective services and communication of business related inputs to its members as per the charter and ever growing needs of its members for enabling professional excellence.


Sanghvi & Sons continually motivates and trains all its employees for providing value added services to members and continually improve the quality management system.

Sanghvi & Sons strives to meet the stated and unstated needs and expectations of all its members and other interested parties through continual improvement of the Quality Management System.

Our Team

‘The strength of the team is each member... the strength of each member is the team.’ To take on greater challenges and make its presence felt internationally as a reliable diamond exporter, Sanghvi & Sons has successfully marked a global footprint in the wholesale loose diamonds market, working closely with its associates in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Our highly qualified team enables us to wholesale loose diamonds with utmost professionalism.

Along with a steady global workforce, Sanghvi & Sons represents a great team to have as a business associate, and our customers are the greatest benefactors of this alliance. We have the best quality wholesale diamonds for sale.

Our marketing teams work closely with the important markets in Europe, the USA, and Asia for wholesale loose diamonds. With regular inputs from our in-house experts to become an even better diamond exporter every single day, our services flourish to impeccable standards and a global appeal. If you would like to have more knowledge about a wholesale diamond for sale, our team will assist you at every stage and make your experience world-class.


‘Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity- not a threat.’ At Sanghvi & Sons, we believe that innovation has been our greatest strength. We are constantly questioning the old, and our team is always inspired too. Our guiding principles have helped us progress to great lengths, and we are proud of our production facilities. innovate

Surat Facility Highlights:

  • State-of-the-art machinery is operated by trained experts.  Highest standards of quality control.
Our Quality

‘Quality represents the wise choice of many alternatives.’ At Sanghvi & Sons, we are constantly reinventing our mechanical and inter-personal techniques to produce the best quality diamonds for sale and prove to be the ideal workplace for a diamond exporter. To this effect, we work with the following goals:

  • Optimum Quality.
  • Cost Effective Solutions.
  • Research & Development.
  • Upgrading Infrastructure.
  • Human Resource Development.

Our diamond manufacturing division strives to continuously provide the most innovative methods of achieving the desired cut and polishing techniques. We are always in a relentless pursuit of further improving our standards in quality and supply of polished diamonds. Although we have wholesale diamonds for sale, every diamond is treated with utmost dedication. Moreover, we are equipped with the finest infrastructure facilities in Surat & Mumbai, enabling us to process wholesale loose diamonds with efficiency. With investments in state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, we are capable of manufacturing world-class products and that with steady consistency. When we say we are a highly trusted and reliable diamond exporter, we say it with confidence as we are backed with a strong infrastructure and the most professional team.


‘Creativity is just another word for courage.’ We believe that style is eternal, and are dedicated to creating an extension of this belief in each of our creations for our in-house brand Diam jewelers. Every collection is a product of in-depth research and a brainchild of our expert fashion and jewelry design guides, based in Europe and India. Our collections are as diverse as these cities and reflect a global synergy.

Customer Service

Our main focus is on building customer relationships. Sales may follow.'

This has always been our motto, and it is the cause of our unblemished industry reputation.

We are proud to offer our customers express service. Our marketing department is well-known for its quick follow-up and consistent awareness of customer needs. Our well-equipped manufacturing facility and well-trained workforce enable us to meet customer expectations on time.

We acknowledge that our very survival is owing to our clients' continuing trust in our talents as a consequence of our extensive expertise as a diamond merchant. All of our efforts are focused on keeping our clients' trust.

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Sanghvi Sons

Providing top-notch polished diamonds and round diamonds for the past 40 years with the assurance of a certified diamond. We provide a place to buy Diamond online to satisfy the demand which helps you to buy real diamond online conveniently and securely.

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