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Stock Id Status Shape Carat Color Clarity Cut Polish Symm Flour Lab Rap/ct. Disc% Per ct Total Price
R65149 A Round 2.16 I VVS2 EX EX EX NN IGI12000-41708015293
R65849 A Round 2.14 I VS1 EX EX EX NN IGI11200-39683214620
        4.30             -40.046956.5829913.28
R65598 A Round 1.33 D VVS2 EX EX EX NN GIA14100-33944712565
R65900 A Round 1.35 D VVS2 EX EX EX NN GIA14100-30987013325
        2.68             -31.499660.0825889.01
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