Symmetry is an important element of diamond finish. Symmetry refers to the exactness of the shape and arrangement of facets. This includes naturals, misshapen facets and extra facets, off center culets and tables, wavy and out of round girdles, misalignment of crown and pavilion facets.

To the unaided eye, finish features usually have little effect on appearance; they are like pinpoint inclusions. The importance of symmetry is less important in diamonds that have lower clarity grades. Symmetry is more important in diamonds that have very high clarity grades.

When selecting your diamond, choose one of the following symmetry grades:

SGS Symmetry Grades Description
EX Excellent, Flawless at 10 power.
VG Very Good, Extremely difficult to locate under 10 power.
G Good, Very diffucult to see under 10 power.
F Fair, Noticable under 10 power.
P Poor, Easy to see under 10X / Visible to unaided eye.
VP Very Poor, Relatively easy to see with the unaided eye.
EP Extremely Poor, Obvious to see with unaided eye.