Other Inclusion

Most of the wholesale diamond merchants grade diamonds on the basis of five types of inclusions such as, Pin Points (PP), Clouds (CLD), Crystals (CRL), Feathers (FR) & Spreaded (SPR), and then diamonds for sale are categorised accordingly.

Pin Point (PP): It is a very small crystal that looks like a tiny dot while using a 10 x loupe. Pin Points are generally white in color but occasionally they can be dark also.

A feather is a general term for any break in the diamond.

A cloud consists of many tightly grouped pin points. Some clouds look like a light haze, while others are dense and almost impossible to see through the naked eye.
Crystal (CRL): It is a mineral crystal contained in some diamonds. A crystal can be of almost any size, colored or colorless, and can appear alone or in groups.

A spreaded inclusion appears when the feather inclusions are in greater number, spread across and not grouped together.

SGS Other Inclusion Description
N None
PP-1 Pin Point Minor Inclusion
PP-2 Pin Point Medium Inclusion
CRL-1 Crystal Minor Inclusion
CRL-2 Crystal Medium Inclusion
SPR-1 Spreaded Minor Inclusion
SPR-2 Spreaded Medium Inclusion
SPR-3 Spreaded Heavy Inclusion
FR-1 Feather Minor Inclusion
FR-2 Feather Medium Inclusion
FR-3 Feather Heavy Inclusion
CLD-1 Cloud Minor Inclusion
CLD-2 Cloud Medium Inclusion
CLD-3 Cloud Heavy Inclusion

We generally specify two parts of other inclusions:

  • Table other inclusions
  • Side other inclusions