‘When we learn something from each other, we're formed by the experience.... we are authors of each other.’
Motivating our human resources is a regular activity at SANGHVI & SONS, simply because our team is our priceless asset.

We are proud of our team of qualified, experienced, and most importantly – highly motivated professionals. Being innovators comes naturally to them, and we are ever thankful to their undying efforts that have helped shape our organization.

Technicians: All our technicians undergo rigorous training, vision and other tests before selection. Utmost care is taken to upgrade our technicians’ skill, with regular training sessions and periodic medical check-ups.

Sales: Our specialized sales team is spread across the globe, successfully tapping markets in Europe, Asia and USA. Wholesale diamonds for sale is possible only with such specialized and skilled team.

Creative Designers: Our exceptional jewelry design is a key contributor to our success. With design teams based in Europe and India, our products achieve the best of both worlds with contemporary styling of the West and classic Indian impressions. As a diamond exporter, we like to maintain pace with latest design lines possible.

Our team is our strength- and we direct maximum efforts to ensure their well being. With efforts directed to their medical and general well-being, SANGHVI & SONS has been setting high standards in human resource management.